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HOME : Classical Antiquities : Archive : Marble Sculpture of Cupid Sleeping
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Marble Sculpture of Cupid Sleeping - PF.0001
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 100 BC to 300 AD
Dimensions: 26.375" (67.0cm) wide
Catalogue: V4
Collection: Classical
Medium: Marble

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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Most probably based on an original of the late Hellenistic era--which favored depictions of children and cupids--this superb sculpture depicts the young god of love asleep on the lion skin of the hero Herakles. As with much classical art, there is more going on than the eye alone sees, and this may be a reference to love being an exhausting labor. A torch (probably a metaphor for marriage) lies by Eros' side and a lizard sits at his feet. Though such references lend added depth to this work, it may also be viewed a tender portrait of youth and innocence, one easily understood in any place and time. - (PF.0001)


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