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HOME : Intaglio Jewelry : Roman Seal Rings : Gold Ring with a Roman Banded Agate Intaglio Depicting Herakles
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Gold Ring with a Roman Banded Agate Intaglio Depicting Herakles - FJ.6674
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 100 AD to 300 AD

Collection: Intaglio Jewelry
Medium: Gold and Agate

Additional Information: This Ancient Seal Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Ring

Location: UAE
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Cameos are hard or precious stone carved in relief. The cameo is usually a gem (commonly agate, onyx, or sardonyx) having two different colored layers, with the figures carved in one layer so that they are raised on a background of the other. The cameo is the converse of the intaglio, which consists of an incised, or sunken, engraving in the same class of materials. Cameos exist in large numbers from the early Sumerian period (c. 3100 BC) to the decline of Roman civilization, from the Renaissance to the Neoclassical period in the 18th century. While Greek cameos were purely decorative (as opposed to intaglios, which were used as seals), Roman cameos were usually carved with portraits and mythological scenes.

This stunning banded agate intaglio seal depicts Herakles, one of the most popular gods of the entire Greek and Roman pantheon. Although born a mortal, his mighty strength and legendary feats allowed him to become an immortal and live in Mt. Olympus as one of the gods. Here, he is represented with a thick, full beard, resting against a post, no doubt exhausted from completing his labors. His telltale attributes, the club and the skin of the Nemean Lion, are both present. The tales of this hero have entertained generations from antiquity up until today. The greatness of Herakles has been captured in this portrait, a stunning centerpiece to this gorgeous ring. Today, this ancient seal is a symbol for steadfast strength, vigor, and fortitude. Wearing this ring, one would never give up on any task; after all, the gods look favorably down upon you.
- (FJ.6674)


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