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Silver Didrachm of Velia - FJ.6743
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 4 th Century BC to 3 rd Century BC

Medium: Silver-Gold

Location: United States
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This Ancient Coin Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Ring

Velia (Latin spelling), also called Elea and Hyele (Greek spellings), was an ancient city in Lucania, Italy, about 25 miles southeast of Paestum. The city is perhaps best known as the home of the Veliatic school of philosophers, including Parmenides and Zeno. Phocaean Greek refugees founded the city about 535 B.C. on land seized from the native Oenotrians. Unlike other Greek cities in Italy, Velia was never captured by the Lucanians; it became a Roman ally around 275 and a municipium in 90–89 B.C. Velia, was finally deserted in medieval times because of Arab raids and today has extensive ruins that include sanctuaries, houses, the outline of the complete wall circuit, and a medical centre.

This ancient coin has been mounted with the head of helmeted Pallas Athena showing. This is a proper centerpiece for such a stunning ring: the goddess of wisdom herself. The reverse of the coin depicts a lion, no doubt symbolizing the power and prestige of this ancient city. Although cities rise and fall and great empires soon dissolve, the achievements of antiquity will always be remembered. This coin is a testament to an era, a city, and its people. Today, it is no relic locked behind a glass case; but a glorious ring set in gold. When placed on our fingers, the glories of old are rekindled and the past comes alive again in the present.
- (FJ.6743)


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