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Egyptian Bronze Sculpture of Atum - OF.219
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1080 BC to 525 BC
Dimensions: 10.0" (25.4cm) high x 2.1" (5.3cm) wide
Collection: Egyptian Art
Medium: Bronze

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: Great Britain
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One marvels at the artistry that is involved in capturing this unique quality that is evidenced in the sculptural forms that have been left behind for us today. Made of bronze, the power of this statue is conveyed through the strength in his forward moving stance. Though the figure is in motion, the stability of the figure is also apparent, only accentuating its dynamism. Aside from his posture, Atum's apparel signifies his power and protection. He wears the royal beard, the Double Crown of the unified Upper and Lower Egypt and the ureaus cobra extending from his forehead offering protection. His right arm is held close to his body and his right hand would have held a “kherep” sceptre or ankh. The hand on the forward extending left arm would also have held either a ritual object or a long staff. With care and precision, one can see how the artisan carefully detailed the collar around the neck and focused on the immaculate pleats in the kilt. The outward gazing wide eyes, delicate upturned nose and small, yet full lips are skilfully rendered to create the pleasant, yet strong expression of the face. The torso and the back appear soft to the touch with their smooth and subtle curves, while the forward facing shoulders and chest emphasise the Atum's power. The legs are strong with defined muscles that reinforce the his stability. The striding diety would have originally been affixed to a base, as the extensions to the soles of the feet would suggest. (JB) - (OF.219)


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