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Roman Period Terracotta Bowl - PF.2337a
Origin: Jerusalem, Israel
Circa: 50 BC to 50 AD

Collection: Biblical
Medium: Terracotta

Location: United States
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To hold this small bowl in one's hand is to reach back in time and touch perhaps the most distinctive and prolific of ancient western legacies. The Roman Empire through time has developed a mythical aura and a spirited identity that captures all of us in its spell. We are mesmerized by stories of emperors' conquests, monumental building projects, palatial villas, gladiatorial spectacles. At the same time that we are fascinated with the grandeur of roman civilization, our curiosity also wanders to the every-day life of the roman people. We gaze at this charming and functional bowl and envision the ancient craftsman at his potter's wheel. Our imagination wanders to the table that this bowl graced two thousand years ago. The spirit of this simple yet elegant vessel creates a unique and tangible bond between us and the Ancient Roman civilization that created it. - (PF.2337a)


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