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Silver Bowl with Engraved Image of Christ - FZ.383
Origin: Europe
Circa: 9 th Century AD to 11 th Century AD
Dimensions: 1.625" (4.1cm) high x 5.5" (14.0cm) wide
Collection: Antiques
Medium: Silver

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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Medieval Europe was an era of fervent religious piety. The church was firmly entrenched within the foundation of society. Spectacular churches were erected across the land to honor Christ. Religious scholars heatedly debated the nature of God and the doctrines of Christianity. While these magnificent churches stand to this day, testaments to the dedication of the people, they symbolize the power and authority of the religious institutions. Philosophical treaties reveal the very nature of belief; however, they are often impersonal and convoluted. A relic such as this silver bowl at first might not seem as impressive or insightful as the more noted monuments of the medieval era; yet personal possessions of piety reveal how religion impacted individuals in ways buildings and theories cannot. This bowl, decorated with an etched image of Christ in the center, would have been a treasured relic of an important and wealthy individual or religious institution. A halo crowns the bearded head of Christ, revealing his divine nature, as he forms a sign of benediction with his right hand, carrying the Bible in the other. This luxurious vessel would be considered a treasure in any time or place. The engraved image of Christ and it pious history only make it that much more impressive. One can imagine finding such an elegant bowl on a table in the refectory of a church or in the house of a pious merchant or civic official. Regardless of who once possessed this silver bowl, we can be sure they once treasured it as we do now. More than a luxury item, this bowl is a testament to the piety of the Medieval Era. - (FZ.383)


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