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Classical Revival Intaglio depicting the Greek Deity Tyche - FJ.5214
Origin: Europe
Circa: 1700 AD to 1900 AD

Collection: Seal Rings/ Intaglios
Medium: Carnelian-Gold

Additional Information: john illoulian/ sold

Location: United States
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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold ring.

Tyche, Greek goddess of luck or chance, known as Fortuna to the Romans, was a popular deity, especially in the Roman world. The benevolent blessings of Tyche/Fortuna were eagerly sought, especially in matters involving risk taking, contests, business or war. It was not uncommon for a temple of Fortuna to be located near the central business district of a roman town, so the goddess could preside over the transactions of daily life. The largest temple of Fortuna in the classical world was located at Palestrina, south of Rome, the ruins of which still awe visitors today. Fortuna appears frequently on roman coins minted to pay the army, for she was thought to bring victory in battle. The coins of many Greek cities were minted wearing the image of Tyche, meant to promote successful commerce. Tyche was also seen as the personification of a city's spirit, its presiding genius. Tyche is usually depicted as a beautiful woman, dressed in flowing robes, and carrying a cornucopia (a horn of plenty) as a symbol of wealth and abundance. When she represents a city, she wears a crown of turrets and walls (as in the case of this intaglio). She appears also holding a wheel, a metaphor for life’s ever-changing circumstances. Small devotional statues of Fortuna and talismanic jewelry bearing her image were popular throughout the vast Roman Empire. Her cult survives in the modern world in the person of "lady luck", frequently invoked by gamblers.
- (FJ.5214)


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