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Coin of Roman Emperor Constans - FJ.5682
Origin: Israel
Circa: 337 AD to 350 AD

Collection: Roman Bronze Coin Bracelet
Medium: Gold/Bronze

Location: United States
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This coin depicts the roman emperor Constans in profile wearing roman garb and a wreath about his head. There seems to be an attempt at portraiture, as the emperor is shown with a distinctively long, straight nose and a solid jaw. His noble visage cannot fail to remind us of the glory that was the Roman Empire, and appeals to the lover of history and connoisseur of art. The emperor Constans was one of the sons of Constantine the great, sole ruler of the roman empire until his death in 337 A.D. Constans had been appointed as the ruler of Illyricum with Italy, while his brothers Constantine II and Constantius ruled, respectively, Spain with Britain and the eastern provinces. In 340, Constans suppressed Constantine II, subsequently ruling the military usurper Magentius, in turn, defeated the west for another ten years until he. - (FJ.5682)


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