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Islamic Necklace of Glass Beads - FJ.5866
Origin: Sudan
Circa: 800 AD to 1300 AD

Collection: Islamic
Medium: Glass

Location: United States
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This beautiful Islamic necklace is created with geometric beads of various shades of the color blue which create an overall harmony. It is clear that the artist considered the glass beads for the necklace as art as well as a jewelry, since Islamic artists' highest priorities are the beauty of overall design and harmony of color within the Islamic world, beads serve as status and symbols, and the role of beads in Islamic cultures have been enhanced by the importance accorded to circles and spheres in medieval Islamic thought. For the Muslim, the circle is the primary cosmological symbol, one of whole unity. From the basic circle and a hexagonal arrangement of tangential circles of the same radius surrounding it, three primary shapes emerge: the triangle, the hexagon, and the square. As to embody such thought of religious and cultural philosophy, this colorful necklace consists of square and circular beads. Colors ranging from light and dark blue to blue-green, the glass beads create a harmonious beauty that is certain to adorn the wearer. - (FJ.5866)


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