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HOME : Egyptian Antiquities : Archive : Faience Amulet Depicting the Theban Triad
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Faience Amulet Depicting the Theban Triad - PF.2953
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1550 BC to 300 BC
Dimensions: 1.875" (4.8cm) high x 1.25" (3.2cm) wide
Collection: Egyptian
Medium: Faience

Additional Information: Sold

Location: United States
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It is not uncommon for local gods to have been organized into family groups of three consisting of a mother, father, and a child. In Thebes, a city that gained a special prominence during the middle and new kingdoms, the local god, Amun, went from relative obscurity (before the middle kingdom) to the focus of a national cult. Subsequently, the other members of the Theban triad, his wife Mut (who, in some cases, seems to have supplanted Amun's more ancient consort Amaunet), and their son Khonsu also became a focus of national worship in Egypt. This stele-shaped black and blue faience amulet depicts the Theban triad. Amun, wearing his distinctive double-plumed headdress, is situated to the far right of the amulet. In one of his hands, he holds the "waset" scepter of Thebes. In his other hand he appears to be holding an attribute that may be an ankh or a situla. The figure of Mut follows with a similar attribute in one hand, while she holds an ankh or flower to her nose with her other hand. At the left is Khonsu, who is depicted in mummiform with a child's side-lock. He, too, holds the "waset" scepter and other attributes. The amulet is topped with what appears to be the head of the popular household god Bes. This feature is set apart from the rest of the amulet by its black color. This amulet may have been worn or carried by someone seeking the blessings or protection of this powerful family of gods. - (PF.2953)


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