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Seljuk Bronze Oil Lamp - SP.567
Origin: Central Asia
Circa: 11 th Century AD to 12 th Century AD
Dimensions: 8" (20.3cm) high
Collection: Islamic Art
Medium: Bronze

Additional Information: AS

Location: UAE
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The oil lamp has a flattened globular body, the top part is pierced with intricate floral decoration. It has a long spout with a small mouth, a double ring handle with a cylindrical thumb piece, and a pierced hinged lid. The body of the lamp stands on a highly stylized leaf - shaped foot.

During the Seljuk period, the arts were encouraged not only by the sultans but also by orders placed by emirs, the Atabegs, and the members of wealthy merchant families. Cast bronze vessels intended for everyday use were manufactured and decorated with engravings, reliefs, and openwork.

Regarding oil lamps in the Muslim religion, the Quran (24:35) cites that: “God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His light is, as it were, that of a niche containing a lamp; the lamp is [enclosed] in glass, the glass [shining] like a radiant star: [a lamp] lit from a blessed tree - an olive-tree that is neither of the east nor of the west the oil whereof [is so bright that it] would well-nigh give light [of itself] even though fire had not touched it: light upon light! God guides unto His light him that wills [to be guided]; and [to this end] God propounds parables unto men, since God [alone] has full knowledge of all things".

The craftsmen of the Islamic period founded an artistic language that became a recognizable characteristic of Islamic metalwork and which has continued with only minor changes to this day. Although most of the Islamic metal objects were functional, they remained artistic in their style.

This is a wonderful example of oil lamps from this period. (LK) - (SP.567)


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