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Roman Period Glass Spindle Whorl - GF.0302
Origin: The Holy Land
Circa: 100 AD to 300 AD
Dimensions: .9375" (2.4cm) wide
Collection: Biblical
Medium: Glass

Additional Information: SOLD
Location: United States
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Throughout history, in almost every ancient culture, the spindle whorl has been a common domestic object. Elegant and abstract, these little objects were used to weight wool while it was being spun into thread. Common to most every civilization, these charming weights were often buried as a grave gift with their owners. Though their shape tended to remain uniform, spindle whorls can be found in a variety of materials including stone, bronze, gold, glass and bone. In Rome, even the most respectable women carded and spun wool; it was considered the duty of a good matron. Spindle whorls are still used today in parts of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We can imagine this whorl dancing through the fingers of a beautiful woman as she laughed and gossiped with her friends. From such an artifact, handled on a daily basis by an ancient life, we are placed in intimate touch with a vanished age. - (GF.0302)


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