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Amethyst Bead and Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklace with a 14 Karat Gold Clasp - FJ.1683

Collection: Jewlery
Medium: Amethyst/Lapis Lazul

Location: United States
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Since earliest antiquity, both amethyst and lapis lazuli have been prized for their beauty and their beneficial physical properties. These gems have been found in the royal tombs of Egypt and Babylon, and were favored by the nobility of Greece and Rome. Their appeal to the senses is matched only by their benevolent effects on the spirit of the wearer. The name of the quartz crystal amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “not drunk”, for the gem was thought to keep one sober no matter how much wine was consumed. Amethyst is said to rid the body of impurities, to keep the mind clear and alert, and to improve the memory. It gives the wearer pleasant dreams and keeps him immune from contagious and infectious diseases. Because of its purple color, amethyst is also said to have a soothing effect on the emotions and is reputed to inspire creativity. Blue and gold, lapis lazuli is as beautiful as the moonlit sky shot through with stars. The ancient Egyptians especially loved this gem, which came from a few mines in eastern Afghanistan. It is used as a remedy for fever, gallstones, sleeplessness and, above all, melancholy. Who, looking upon this splendid stone could feel anything but happiness? Blending the rich glow of amethyst and the deep hues of lapis, this unique necklace is certain to make its wearer feel good both inside and out. - (FJ.1683)


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