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Blended Black Onyx and Hematite Bead Necklace - FJ.3995

Collection: Jewlery
Medium: Onyx and Hematite

Additional Information: Unusual necklace composed of blended black onyx and hematite beads.
Location: United States
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Though totally contemporary in style, this dramatic necklace brings together two gems prized since the dawn of time. An iron ore, hematite takes its name from the Greek word for blood, because when the surface of the stone is scratched, it appears to bleed. Hematite is found in a number of colors, the most common of which are red and metallic gray. Every major civilization of antiquity valued the gem for its potent protective powers. Because of its association with the blood, it is believed hematite stimulates the circulation, relieves fatigue, and prevents hemorrhage. It was thought to give courage, and warriors used to rub their bodies with hematite before battle to make them invincible. The gem's mysterious physical properties make it as appealing to the modern eye as it always has been through history. Black onyx, chalcedonic quartz, is the color of deepest space. Found in both the old and new worlds, onyx has long been used for jewelry and precious objects. Its chief virtue as an amulet is that it appears to attract and absorb negative humors from the body of the wearer, causing relief from both physical pain and mental anxiety. Black onyx, suggesting the presence of all colors and the absence of light, serves as a buffer from pain, a defensive wall against evil and illness. Its rich black tones provide a provocative contrast to the gleam of hematite, creating a jewel of equal visual and spiritual power. - (FJ.3995)


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