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HOME : Contemporary Art : Yolanda Lengyel : Yolanda Lengyel - 2010
Yolanda Lengyel - 2010 - YL.0002
Dimensions: 29" (73.7cm) high x 23" (58.4cm) wide
Collection: Contemporary Art
Medium: Oil On Canvas

Location: United States
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Addressing the issue of decay and death, Yolanda Lengyel depicts a pessimistic representation of the year “2010”. Figuratively displaying the fall of human civilization, she paints a classical style sculpture which is in a degenerating condition. Notice how the lifeless tree branches merge with the disintegrating sculpture, thus expressing the inherent connection that humans have with the earth. It is inevitable that all human beings must eventually return to the earth when they die. But even amongst the destruction, life continues on. Flowers bloom and continue with their seasonal cycles. Even after humans have left the earth, Mother Nature will continue to prosper. - (YL.0002)


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