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Yolanda Lengyel - The Four Seasons - YL.0007
Dimensions: 17" (43.2cm) high x 20" (50.8cm) wide
Collection: Contemporary Art
Medium: Oil On Wood

Location: United States
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Wonderfully personifying each of “The Four Seasons”, Yolanda Lengyel divides them into four separate works, each embodying the stage-like qualities of the theater. Winter is a caring soul. Note how he protects the bird from the frigid environment. Spring bubbles with all of the life of a festive musician. His avian companion now joins him in a dance to celebrate the rebirth of nature. Summer captures the essence of a wild, untamed landscape. Notice the grass as it grows uncontrolled and the abundance of minute creatures which live amongst the blades. Autumn brings about a more serene emotion. Our figure appears melancholy. Perhaps he realizes that the return of winter is near. - (YL.0007)


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