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Necklace Composed Of Jasper Beads, Hematite Beads, Black Onyx Beads, And A 14 Karat Gold Clasp. - FJ.1698

Collection: Beaded Necklaces
Medium: Jasper-Onyx-Gold

Location: United States
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This unique necklace is composed of gem varieties used since earliest antiquity for adornment and protection. Red jasper has been prized as a talisman for centuries in every part of the world. The Egyptians placed it in collar necklaces and bracelets, while the Greeks and Romans favored it for ring intaglios. It is especially useful for preventing ailments of the bold. And imbuing the wearer with renewed strength and vigor. It association with the deities of combat and courage are though to make red jasper an ideal stone for those seeking victory over existing disease. It is, in addition, a delight to the senses, full of rich, warm color. The ferric, oxide hematite takes its name from the Greek word for blood because, when scratched, take gem appears to bleed. Virtually every great civilization valued hematite, to stimulate the circulatory system, and to relieve fatigue. It is felt to give courage to the wearer, and warriors used to rub their bodies with the stone before battle to make cameos and in the ancient Americas to create masks and sacred objects. Its chief virtue as an amulet is that it attracts and absorbs negative humors from the body, giving relief from both physical pain and mental anxiety. These fabled gems have a long tradition of beauty and usefulness. In this exquisite necklace, they appeal as well to the contemporary eye. - (FJ.1698)


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