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Rose Quartz Bead and Garnet Bead Necklace - FJ.3981

Collection: Jewlery
Style: Beaded Necklaces
Medium: Quartz and Garnet

Location: United States
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Pale pink like the first blush of dawn, rose quartz has long been prized for the way it flatters the wearer with its soft tones. Found in masses rather than crystals, its major sources are in Central and Northern Europe. Though the gem was known in Antiquity, it was generally quite rare. An early bead dating to the 7th century B.C. comes from Megiddo, and rose quartz was used for intaglios and other jewelry from the Classical Greek period through Late Roman times. According to Eastern belief, rose quartz is the cornerstone of the heart chakra and as such comforts the heart from all wounds past and present. It creates a soft energy that is both emotionally and physically soothing to the touch. The stone is symbolic of Venus, ancient goddess of Love, and promotes happiness, harmony and balance. The garnet was highly prized in the Classical World. Its rich color, the reddish purple associated with royalty, made it especially sought after for jewelry. The garnet was also favored in the jewelry of the European Dark Ages and Medieval period. The famous Sutton Hoo Treasure found in England contains over 4,000 cut and faceted garnets. As with many gems, the finest varieties come from India, which was true in Antiquity as well as today. According to Talmudic legend, the only source of light on Noah's Ark was a single large garnet. Therapeutically, garnet is believed to keep the wearer free from wounds and to promote good health in general. It is especially useful for preventing skin diseases and giving a glowing complexion. - (FJ.3981)


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