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Ring with Bronze Coin of Emperor Valentinian I - FJ.5304
Origin: Jerusalem, Israel
Circa: 364 AD to 375 BC

Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Bronze-Gold

Additional Information: SOLD
Location: United States
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Mounted in a stunning 24 karat gold ring.

Born in Pannonia about 321 A.D., Valentinian adopted a military career and ultimately rose to high rank under the emperors Julian and Jovian. Shortly after Jovian's death, Valentinian was proclaimed emperor at Nicaea and about a month later he claimed his younger brother Valens co-emperor. The empire was then divided between the two rulers, Valentinian being content to leave the government of the eastern provinces to his brother, while he himself concentrated on the defense of the Rhine frontier, a task which demanded most of his time and energy. In 367, Britain was overrun by Picts, Scots, Franks and Saxons and the situation was so serious that it took count Theodosius, the general sent by Valentinian to stop the invasion, over two years to restore law and order in the province. Late in the year 375, while in residence at Bregetio in Pannonia, Valentinian granted an audience to a deputation of Quadi. The impudence of the barbarians so enraged the emperor that he w as seized with an apoplectic fit and died soon afterwards.
- (FJ.5304)


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