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Yoruba Brass Edan Sculpture - PF.4961
Origin: Southwestern Nigeria
Circa: 20 th Century AD
Dimensions: 13.125" (33.3cm) high x 2.875" (7.3cm) wide
Collection: African
Medium: Brass

Location: United States
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The edan sculpture represents a generic image of a primordial ancestor, and an original member of the Osugbo society. As such they act as a sort of "moral" guardian, watching over and protecting the members from malevolent spiritual entities. This handsome male holds a staff or scepter in his left hand, and a two-pronged object in his right. Along with his necklace, these probably are insignias of office and may indicate he is a chief or titled elder of the Osugbo. His bulging, penetrating gaze watches the world with careful vigilance, an aspect important to Osugbo members who decide in judicial cases at the capital, serve on courts of appeal and administer punishment in capital offences. Even the king is subject to their decision making powers. To the Yoruba this edan is a sacred object imbued with spiritual power; while to us it is a work of art with a special presence all its own. - (PF.4961)


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